East of the Sun Production :: THE MUSIC

Music from East of the Sun, composed by Natalie Nowytski, will be performed live at Sundin Music Hall September 28, 2019. 
Albums will be on sale at the show.

The Sounds

"Music from East of the Sun" is a genre-blending sonic adventure that features a diverse array of acoustic instruments, electronic samples, and otherworldly voices, complete with composer-invented languages. We think of the music as being a character all its own that morphs based on the space and emotions within the play that inform it.

Instrumentation ranges from the more traditional flute, cello, violin, French horn, guitars, drums, etc. to the unique sounds of chumbush, oud, harp, found object percussion, vielle, rebec, and others. Musicians include Alyssa Anderson, David Burk, Sarah Callahan, Randall Davidson, Jake Endres, Jeffrey Gram, Julie Johnson, Scott Keever, Natalie Nowytski, Tim O'Keefe, David Stenshoel, Erin Vork, Ginna Watson, and others.

Buy the Album

"Music from East of the Sun" is available digitally at Bandcamp or physically from the creative team by emailing sevenspellsproductions -at- gmail -dot- com.


Keep up with East of the Sun on Facebook for more details about the project, on Soundcloud for early demos, and at Natalie's website for more about her work and process.